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Growing population and consumerism has a profound effect on our environment. It’s easy to understand why we have to reduce our impact on the environment, and handle the co2 emissions more responsibly.

Decarbonisation tends to refer to the process of reducing carbon intensity, lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Generally, this involves decreasing CO2 output per unit of electricity generated. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide occurring as a result of transport and power generation is essential to meet global temperature standards set by the Paris Agreement.

The strength of Twinnovate is finding, evaluating and realizing new solutions for environmental challenges. We, as Twinnovate, act as problem solvers in the environmental sector, regardless of the question or the problem.

We provide solutions in the field of biomass, waste management, water, air and soil pollution. Our clients include companies from energy and chemical industries, governments, inventors, project developers and financial organizations.

Our potential to find the best solution is based on our solid background, business sence, broad network and innovative approach. The Twinnovate team has unique skills and expertise with proven experience in waste biomass and emissions trading and invaluable knowledge of decarbonisation, legislation and regulations. We have strong relationships with key market players, public authorities, investors and strategic partnerships around the world.


  • We are passionate about the concepts we bring forward, the markets we enter and the products and services we deliver and we strongly believe that by doing this together in partnerships we can maximize the impact and be faster .
  • We believe a successful partnership is dynamic, innovative and allows all sides to contribute their own expertise and experience.
  • As such we are continously exploring new collaborations with partners who share our passion and want to work together with us.

    If you like to work together please contact us at info@twinnovate.com
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    Twinnovate Solutions specialises in business plans, market scans, country entry strategies, energy saving reports and due diligence on emerging technologies, as part of our wide range of consultancy services. We have a large network of external consultants under the trusted supervision of Twinnovate and we seek out the best expertise to address our clients’ questions. We have several experienced project managers available to supervise or execute your projects. This can be in a technical or economic supporting role and also within management. Together with our partners, we believe we have the most experienced people in this market. We understand your markets, we have a strong business sense and we are 24/7 available to support you.

    BioGrowth development provides targeted insights into sustainable land-use systems and connected value chains, for both the agricultural and the forestry sectors. Also, BGD provides such analyses services for biobased manufacturing, construction materials monetization and business case optimization for new assets.
    By using our innovative circular life-cycle and GIS-based analytical approach, we can provide reliable information and expert solutions to complex value chain- and due diligence questions.


    We’re incentivizing with ZEROCertified our clients to adopt regenerative practices that are affordable and that keep the carbon stored rather than releasing it back into the atmosphere with best practices and advanced technology

    With Komercon we supply raw materials, from (organic) residual flows, mostly in partnership with suppliers and end users.  We take care of the entire demand and decrease hereby the supply risk. This way of close cooperation creates a long-term and strong partnership.

    The sustainable value chains we create are socially, ecologically and economically responsible.

    We are very critical in what we do, we have to really feel every project and be convinced of the honesty between the different partners. In this way you create a stronger, sustainable chain and it helps to build sustainable relationships. Bringing together the right relationships offers opportunities for faster development of new industries.

    John Bouterse

    Chief Executive Officer



    Twinnovate is involved in recruitment for clients and own subsidiaries since the establishment of the company in 2016.

    We successfully operate in the field of Environmental Recruitment and Executive Search for leading national and foreign companies.

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