Solutions for a sustainable world

Concept Development: The heart of our business

Twinnovate identifies, develops and executes sustainable concepts within a diverse range of sectors from energy to agriculture to waste management, where our mission centers on extending product life-cycles. We seek out the best new initiatives and technologies and build long-term partnerships to bring them forward.


With a successful track record of collaboration all over the world and a large contact network, we are a partner that can respond quickly and efficiently to market opportunities. Twinnovate provides pathways from an idea to the full implementation of a business plan.


We offer consultancy services for businesses and organisations seeking sustainable solutions in a wide range of fields. Supported by an international network of experts, we ensure clients get the answers they need to navigate fast-moving markets and rapidly evolving legislation.


We specialise in business plans, market surveys, country entry, energy saving reports and due diligence on emerging technologies. Drawing on our deep knowledge of new technologies, we help clients to understand the market as it is today, how it evolved and how to make sound investments for the long term.


The geographically diverse nature of feedstock sources, such as wood, organic residues and waste streams like SRF/RDF, creates supply chain risk. Twinnovate’s trading unit aims to reduce this risk to help businesses attract investment into the bio-based economy and energy sector. Our goal is low-risk, long-term supply contracts with strategic partners.

The Value Chain: Our Approach

In the fields where we are active, Twinnovate seeks involvement in all layers of the value chain. We aim to make connections and facilitate integration in order to increase the viability of business concepts and support profitability. We believe this approach sets Twinnovate apart in the market.


Further, we are committed to creating sustainable value chains that are socially, environmentally and economically sound. We are convinced that fairness among the actors in a chain represents a win-win, creating both a stronger, more sustainable chain and helping to build lasting relationships. Above all, we believe such chains support the faster development of new industries.