About the Company

Twinnovate is a family company with global reach, known for its professionalism and deep industry knowledge.


The foundations for Twinnovate were laid in 2003 when twin brothers John and Arjen Bouterse formed their first business in the small town of Oost-Souburg, close to the Dutch coast.


Twinnovate’s logo is inspired by Oost-Souburg’s coat of arms.


The business initially focused on biomass and waste-to-energy technologies before moving into bio-based commodity trading and IP development, drawing on the brothers’ decades of experience in the sector.


Today, Twinnovate’s core business is the identification, development and execution of sustainable concepts in fields from energy to waste management. The company works with partners across the world, from the US to the Far East with a strong presence in its EU home base.


Twinnovate also offers consultancy services and has a trading unit within energy feedstocks which helps clients manage supply chain risk.