Twinnovate aims to make an active contribution to the production of sustainable energy trough active participation in global projects. We work with new or existing technologies and together with partners whom have a huge track record within the delivery of turn-key projects.



The uniqueness of Twinnovate’s business concept is that it starts in a very premature phase within the project. We look at the developments in the market and the possibilities in the long term with the focus on our core activity; biomass treatment technologies. Adding value to biomass with applications in the manufacturing industry has our priority.

Biomass into Energy

Biomass plays an important role in the energy transition. In addition to generating energy through wind and sun, biomass is the solution to bring stability to the sustainable energy production. The Dutch government encourages this through the SDE+ regulation. Twinnovate specializes in the development of these projects and is active in various initiatives. We offer the customer a build-own-operate solution for their internal energy production and can take care of the entire process.


Outside Europe we are active in countries where there is a surplus of biomass and a shortage of energy. The combination of these two offers possibilities for solutions that we execute with local parties. Stable energy production for the client and labour for the local people are key benefits.

Waste to Energy

Waste is already for many years seen as a commodity product and serves, in whatever form, as a raw material for the many applications that are already possible. With a background of more than 25 years in this industry Twinnovate has the knowledge to offer suitable solutions for the many issues that arise. The goal of Twinnovate is to recycle waste until the moment that valuable products are no longer present, only then the conversion to energy is a logical application. From the collection of waste to final processing, Twinnovate has the knowledge and possibilities to assist.

Biomass conversion technology

Added value is a recurring topic within the Twinnovate business concept. We are convinced that we do this best to look constantly for new possibilities as well combine this with standard and proven solutions. Here we believe we make a difference. We are always actively seeking collaborations to convert multiple types of biomass into sustainable applications.

Wind and Solar Energy

We support all forms of sustainable energy production such as sun and wind. In certain cases, our projects are looking for a combination between different sources. Here we work together with various specialized parties that support us in this under the project supervision of Twinnovate.