The Ocean Cleanup: Waste Management Services

The Ocean Cleanup:
Waste Management Services

Twinnovate will combine its knowledge of waste flows, availability of proven or new technologies and deploying an international network of partners for Dutch NGO The Ocean Cleanup. Under the agreement, Twinnovate will develop sustainable waste handling and treatment solutions in the Dominican Republic for The Ocean Cleanup as the NGO deploys its innovative new river-cleaning system, the Interceptor.


Twinnovate will work at two demonstration locations in the Dominican Republic from April 2020. Twinnovate has been tasked with developing a tool that standardises the assessment of waste management partners in the Dominican Republic as well as developing sustainable revenue models for local partners in order to guarantee effective waste processing in the future.


Twinnovate aims to deploy its expertise in establishing sustainable waste value chains to support these important goals by working with a network of local and international waste processing and recycling partners.

Project objects


Our vision is a thriving new socially, economically and environmentally sustainable society and industry, which helps to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and stop the waste plastic pollution in the world’s rivers & oceans.


Our mission is to support the valorisation of  waste materials through research, education, the development of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships to build & implement sustainable waste value chains, in which (biomass) waste streams are converted into valuable commodities for the energy and (bio)chemical industries.


Our approach

  • Selection of logistic & technological treatment alternatives for river extracted wastes
  • Development environmental & economic sustainable revenue models for local/international waste & recycling partners
  • Feasibility of final business case, including risk assessment / mitigation
  • Development of tool, facilitating/standardizing assessment of potential waste management partners for future Interceptor deployment projects.


What we offer:

We seek out the best new initiatives and technologies and build long-term partnerships to bring them forward:

  • Field-leading expertise in waste treatment technology development
  • Waste management services
  • An international network of experts
  • Deep insight in waste value supply chains & stakeholder management

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a Dutch NGO which has set itself the ambitious goal of ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. The project’s ultimate goal is to achieve a 90% reduction in floating ocean plastic by 2040. In the latest phase of its efforts, The Ocean Cleanup aims to tackle the 1000 most polluting rivers around the world with the aim of intercepting plastic waste in those rivers before it enters the oceans.


Once the plastic has been removed from the rivers, it is also vital to ensure that it is properly handled using available local waste-disposal and recycling solutions.
It is also important that these processes work in tandem with other local initiatives for the development of future waste processing and recycling infrastructure.


  • The Ocean Cleanup Interception B.V.
  • United Nations Development Programme

What we do

Pilot projects for determining sustainable local waste handling & treatment solutions to secure safe & sustainable valorization & disposal of river extracted waste streams in the Dominican Republic for The Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor river deployment locations.

Where we operate

Ozama River, Dominican Republic


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