Wood chips

Wood pellets


The geographically diverse nature of feedstock sources, such as wood, organic residues and waste streams like SRF/RDF, creates supply chain risk. Twinnovate’s trading unit aims to reduce this risk to help businesses attract investment into the bio-based economy and energy sector. Our goal is low-risk, long-term supply contracts with strategic partners.

Twinnovate is a leading global provider of environmental consultancy and project services to the waste and energy sector. We deliver services to a range of clients including waste and energy producers and the cement industry, including its regulators and investors.



Via our own trading company, Komercon, we offer a wide range of materials such as biomass pellets and chips, RDF/SRF, plastics and many more commodities based on long-term relationships with our clients and backup with strategic partners for the supply of these materials. Our unique concept means we can guarantee full supply of contracted feedstocks by using local partners in combination with sourcing from other countries in Europe, resulting in competitive pricing and guaranteed amounts and quality.


We follow the waste management philosophy developed by Dutch politician Lansink, which is based on an established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal. Waste composition, availability, location and price are important components of a business model.


Thanks to our independent position, we can offer the best available solution on a project basis to maximize profit in close relation with local requirements and future-proof solutions. Connected to new technologies, and with strategic partnerships all around the world, Komercon offers long-term solutions based on decades of expertise. The Komercon team has experience of providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste.


Working with the largest biomass and waste suppliers, also as end clients in the energy sector, Komercon has built a reputation as a reliable business partner in new technology development, as well as within the sourcing, transportation and trading of feedstocks and commodities. We work around the world on gamechanger projects.


For more information or inquiry contact us via info@komercon.com.