Haldjas Technologies

Haldjas Technologies

HALDJAS TECHNOLOGIES is setup through partnerships between Twinnovate B.V. and technical and strategic partners, all Dutch companies with long track records in project management, pilot facilities management and the treatment of organic waste streams. Haldjas’s expertise lies in developing technical solutions for biomass treatment and end products, with Twinnovate adding deep knowledge of sales and marketing and the financing of new technologies and operates as a project development company. IP, contracts and obligations will be part of the HALDJAS organisation.


HALDJAS offers a solution that can handle almost any kind of biomass input and exploit economies of scale. The patented technology recycles not only most of the energy during the process but also re-recycles valuable nutrients as fertiliser. Our pre-processing and torrefaction technology addresses current bottlenecks through cost-effective scalability.


The combination of torrefaction with pre-treatment, bio fertiliser and heat recovery represents a breakthrough in the torrefaction industry. The end-product is also highly suitable for optional secondary processes and products such as biogas, liquid biofuels, and bio chemicals, i.e. methanol. Further, HALDJAS has been able to create the necessary partnerships to secure feedstock, offtake and technical expertise. Together with our partners, we are able to develop, build, run and execute a profitable business concept with the HALDJAS technology.


Our vision is a thriving new socially, economically and environmentally sustainable industry, which helps to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.


Our mission is to support the growth of globally sourced biomass energy crops and the use of biomass waste material through research and education and the development of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships.

Haldjas Technology

The Haldjas project will use a patented torrefaction technology for the pre-processing of biomass, and staged pyrolytic distillation to create bio-products and energy. This technology converts many types of biomass into a clean, durable, energy- dense commodity. Its products are CO2 neutral and have multiple end uses.


Torrefied biomass has seven immediate benefits over untreated biomass:

  • Higher calorific value
  • More homogeneous product
  • Higher bulk density
  • Excellent grindability
  • Better durability
  • Hydrophobic nature gives better water resistance
  • No biological activity


Haldjas Technology produces two types of pellet:

The Standard Pellet is made from organic waste material and can be used for the production of energy, while the Premium Pellet is made from energy crops and can be used for the production of bio chemicals.


What we offer:

  • Field-leading expertise in biomass development
  • Biomass production (organic waste and energy crops)
  • Waste management services
  • Technology for biomass and bio-ethanol production
  • Cutting edge biomass applications
  • An international network of experts
  • Asset management


Haldjas Technologies: Twinnovate B.V.  and technical and strategic partners

What we do

Demonstration project for the conversion of low-grade agricultural and organic waste streams into valuable commodities for the energy and bio chemical industry.

Where we operate

Haldjas Technologies B.V.

Boerenverdriet 20

4613 AK Bergen op Zoom

The Netherlands

Email: info@haldjastechnologies.com