‘Introducing CO2 tax will cost Zeeland jobs’

‘Introducing CO2 tax will cost Zeeland jobs’

If the government introduces a CO2 tax, jobs will be lost at Yara in Sluiskil and Dow in Terneuzen. That is what the chairmen of the works councils (OR) of the chemical companies fear. The presidents write that in a letter in De Telegraaf which they wrote together with the works councils of nine other large chemical companies.

The works councils will write the letter in the run-up to Prince’s Day next Tuesday. “We, the works councils of industrial companies in the Netherlands, are very concerned about the future of our sector. The corona crisis leaves deep traces and possibly permanent scars on many companies. We call on the Cabinet to ensure that the co2 tax is shaping the industry as a risk not to take unnecessary risks with our jobs and the future of our families,” the letter reads.

Environmental measures necessary

In this way, the works councils do not want to say that no environmental measures should be taken. “But we never achieve this goal when our companies are being driven across the border. The leakage of production, CO2, jobs and perhaps even the departure of companies from the Netherlands will not benefit anyone. Neither is the climate,” the works councils said.

This is not the first time that the works council of a large, Zeeuws chemical group has raised the alarm about a possible tax on CO2 emissions. Last year, the works councils of Dow, Yara and Zeeland Refinery also rang the bell. At that time, the joint works councils thought that a CO2 tax would cost Zeeland between 12,000 and 16,000 jobs. Former chief executive of Dow in Terneuzen has also hinted once that the introduction of such a tax could mean the departure of Dow from the Netherlands.

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