KH Engineering in collaboration with Twinnovate

KH Engineering in collaboration with Twinnovate


This is an article from the digital magazine from KH Engineering

Co-founders Arjen and John Bouterse of Twinnovate BV have decades of experience in the waste and energy sector. ‘Making energy from waste is great, but we want to take it a step further,’ says John Bouterse. ‘After all, there are still plenty of opportunities to first extract all kinds of valuable raw materials from waste and organic residual flows in one process before you burn it to extract energy from it. Through our Haldjas Technologies concept, we have previously demonstrated that this is possible, in a small pilot plant on the site of a large plastics producer . Now that the concept has been proven, it is time for the next step: the construction of a demonstration plant with a capacity of 10,000 tons.’


Haldjas works with KH Engineering for the design and construction of this demonstration plant . ‘They have a proven track record in this industry and have knowledge of all relevant aspects in the construction of the factory,’ says Arjen Bouterse. ‘In addition, they helped demonstrate the technology’s viability in a due diligence investigation. They really think along with us in this.’


The factory is unique in the Netherlands. ‘The special thing is,’ says John Bouterse, ‘that in every process step we extract value from the residual flow. We can filter out certain nutrients and re-use them as fertilizers, for example. When there’s really nothing more valuable be extracted at all, we convert the last residue into energy, via a pellet burning process.’


The factory will be built in the south of the Netherlands. John Bouterse: ‘Due to the corona crisis, the granting of the subsidy required for financing takes a little longer. However, it is also important to the national government to allow this to continue, so I have every confidence in that. As soon as that is completed, we will get off to a full start. We assume that we will have a running factory within a year!’