Corona crisis affects energy transition and climate goals

Corona crisis affects energy transition and climate goals

Continuation and strengthening of the Climate Agreement as the best basis for green recovery

The corona crisis has a major impact on our society – as well as on the sustainable energy sector and the energy transition. This is evident from this second survey conducted by the Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) among its members. Almost all companies expect a slight to very large negative effect on the climate goals. The main reasons are the loss of demand and the stagnation of projects.

This sector can continue to work with rapid measures. Keeping pace in the energy transition is the best economic support for these companies. The climate agreement is the best basis for further green recovery. Emissions are currently falling, but that is not permanent. ‘The economy is now holding its stomach, but structural reduction of emissions remains necessary. For example, by saving energy and generating sustainable energy, many new jobs will be created, ‘says Olof van der Gaag (director of NVDE).
The government advocates combining economic recovery with the energy transition and is also taking numerous practical measures. The NVDE is happy with this and would like to support and strengthen it.


These are possibilities to keep companies at work in the short-term, to retain professionals in the sector and to permanently reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Built environment : simplification of the insulation subsidy (temporary cancellation of the obligation to take at least two measures; a quick decision-maker bonus for customers who sign a quote before the summer.
  • Electricity : Investments and permits for grid reinforcement; development of the electrification industry roadmap.
  • Mobility : mitigating an increase in the addition of zero-emission cars; financial incentive charging infrastructure
  • General : smooth project permits; scheme ‘Random depreciation’ for transition projects; customization for young, innovative companies.

Longer term

Realizing the Climate Agreement is the best imaginable green recovery in the Netherlands, according to the NVDE. Additional measures will be necessary for this. This was also the case before the corona crisis and this is even more true. This gives the best guarantee for green growth, with many jobs and opportunities for, for example, comfortable houses and innovative companies.

The NVDE counts on the government being prepared to take extra measures to achieve the goals of the Climate Agreement, just like all parties that have signed it. The scope of the new challenge is considerable, but feasible together. The NVDE advocates that all implementation consultations (formerly: climate tables) be asked to consider additional measures now.


The inventory was sent on April 14 to companies / organizations that are members of the NVDE or one of its affiliated sector organizations (BodemenergieNL, Energie Samen, Holland Solar, NBKL, NHK, NWEA, Platform Bio-Energie, Platform Geothermie, Vereniging Heat pumps, Heat Network Foundation). It has been completed by 140 companies / organizations, no later than Monday 20 April. This note is based on an initial analysis of the results. The NVDE will soon publish a more detailed analysis.
The results of the inventory and the proposed solutions can be found here.

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