Record: Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in one day

Record: Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in one day

Ethiopia claims to have a new world record. Last week, 350 million new trees were planted in one day, various media report. The old record was in the name of India, where 50 million trees were planted in 2016.

The planting is part of the so-called Green Legacy Initiative. According to UN Environment, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wanted to plant a total of 200 million trees in one day at a thousand different locations. The Ethiopian minister of innovation and technology states on Twitter that even 350 million trees have been planted in one day.

President Ahmed wants to plant four billion trees until October. Deforestation must be prevented with this action. According to the United Nations, the forest area in Ethiopia has decreased to 4 percent of the land area in the first decade of this century. A hundred years earlier that was 35 percent.

‚ÄúPlanting trees is the most effective way to combat climate change. Other African countries also have to get started quickly with the new record. Africa can set in motion this global movement, “said Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, director of UN Environment Africa.

Trees are important in the fight against climate change. A British study showed in 2018 that urban forests can store as much CO2 as a rainforest.

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Investments in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands too, substantial investments will be made in new forests in the coming years. Oil company Shell wants to plant five million new trees in the coming twelve years . The trees will be placed in forests where many trees have died due to a tree disease. 

A few years ago, forest owners, timber producers and nature and environmental organizations, among others, were already calling for an expansion of Dutch forests. The construction of  100,000 hectares of new forest  can make a major contribution to achieving the climate goals.

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