Chemical park Delfzijl saves a lot of CO2 with steam

Chemical park Delfzijl saves a lot of CO2 with steam

A number of companies at the Delfzijl chemical park are becoming more sustainable through the use of more sustainable steam. It comes from the Energy from Waste (EEW) company, which has been supplying steam to the park since 2010. The chemical park expects that 100,000 tons of CO2 can be saved with sustainable steam.

Companies in the chemical park have been using steam since 2010, which is released during the incineration of waste and biomass. The expansion is possible through the construction of a third incineration line, with which EEW can further scale up the production of steam.

“With the commissioning of our third incineration line, we can process 576,000 tonnes of waste per year. In addition, we can deliver more than 1 million megawatt hours of production steam. That way we can deliver more green steam to chemical company Nouryon, “says EEW’s technical director Horst Bieber. The chemical park also receives steam from an Eneco biomass plant, which has been used since 2017. This plant processes around 300,000 tonnes of wood waste into steam every year.

Making salt production sustainable

Nouryon wants to make the salt production at the Delfzijl site even more sustainable with the green steam. The steam is used to evaporate brine. Nouryon is already using green steam at the production site in Hengelo in Overijssel .

Partly due to the use of green steam, the Delfzijl company emits 300,000 tonnes of CO2 less than in 2013. “In the past ten years, we have considerably reduced the use of natural gas by using steam from waste and biomass,” says Knut Schwalenberg, general director of Nouryon.

Impulse for port

The extra infrastructure is also good news for harbor owner Groningen Seaports. “Expanding the infrastructure makes the port of Delfzijl and the industrial area more attractive and ensures a sustainable expansion of the regional activities,” says Cas König, CEO of the port company.

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