Ports cooperation for CO2 storage in seabed

Ports cooperation for CO2 storage in seabed

The port companies of Rotterdam, Antwerp and North Sea Port are joining forces to make CO2 storage in the sea possible. The companies, which represent the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Terneuzen and Vlissingen, have submitted a grant application for this to the European Commission. The Belgian newspaper De Standaard reports this on Monday.

Together, the three port companies want to capture, transport and store 10 million tonnes of CO2 in the seabed in the CO2TransPorts project.

According to De Standaard, there is a chance that the Antwerp port company and North Sea Port will join the existing Dutch Porthos project. In this project, the port of Rotterdam, Gasunie and Energiebeheer Nederland want to realize CO2 storage in an empty gas field, 25 kilometers off the coast in the North Sea.

CO2 storage technically feasible

The CO2 comes from companies in the Rotterdam port area and can be supplied to growers in the Westland, among others. Research already showed in 2018 that the project is technically feasible . In February, the initiators of Porthos announced that they were looking for companies that want to store CO2.  

PCI status

The three port companies in Europe want CO2TransPorts to have a so-called PCI status: Project of Common Interest. If CO2TransPorts gets a PCI status, it is easier to apply for a European subsidy for the cross-border project. A decision is expected around the summer.

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