Brabant invests in iron powder as an energy carrier

Brabant invests in iron powder as an energy carrier

The province of Noord-Brabant is investing a million euros in a technology in which iron powder can be used as an energy carrier. The powder can, among other things, replace coal in coal-fired power stations. The technology has been developed by students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU / e).

Iron powder is used in the process. This is mixed with air and ignited in a combustion chamber. The heat from the iron flame that is generated can generate electricity. Rust powder remains after burning. With sustainable energy this rust powder can be converted into iron powder, which can be used again. With these steps a circular cycle is created.

Scale up
According to the province, the technology has meanwhile “gone beyond the lab.” Now it has to be demonstrated on a larger scale what the potential is. That will happen after the summer on a campus near Eindhoven. Innovation, research, education and entrepreneurship in the field of energy and metals are bundled on the Metalot Campus.

Iron powder as fuel
“With this demonstration system we want to demonstrate that large-scale combustion of metal powder, iron powder in this case, is possible,” says Philip de Goey, dean of Mechanical Engineering at TU / e. According to the students who call themselves Team Solid, iron powder could also serve as fuel for trucks and ships.

The province of Brabant is investing a million euros in the project. “The energy transition requires energy storage,” says Anne-Marie Spierings, responsible for energy. “Preferably in CO2-free fuels. Metal powder seems very promising, because it is easy and safe to store and transport. That is why the province invests in research and innovations in collaboration with our universities and companies. ”

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