Production of green gas has risen sharply in 2018

Production of green gas has risen sharply in 2018

Approximately 120 million cubic meters of green gas will be certified in 2018, the certifying organization Vertogas expects. The organization issued the millionth Guarantee of Origin in October. That is an increase of 22 percent compared to last year. Then another 98 million cubic meters of green gas was certified.

“This is a nice milestone. One hundred million cubic meters of green gas is a relevant contribution to the total supply of renewable energy at the moment. And the line is increasing year on year, “says Marco Middelkoop, director of Vertogas.

Green gas is biogas, which is upgraded to natural gas quality. In Europe there are about 500 installations that use CO2 membrane separation technology to extract the CO2 from the biogas and increase the percentage of methane to about 90%. The biogas is therefore upgraded to gas of natural gas quality and is called green gas. The Netherlands has 26 installations that carry out this process. With a Guarantee of Origin it is demonstrated that the gas originated from biomass and the gas can be sold as green gas.

Extend green gas
Techniques to expand the certification of green gas are available. Although there is growth, the certificates form a small drop on a glowing plate. Total natural gas consumption in the Netherlands is now around 38 billion cubic meters per year. According to VEMW (representative of business water and energy users), 3 to 5 billion cubic meters can be filled by green gas. The total natural gas consumption will decrease sharply in the coming years, because the Netherlands has to get rid of the gas. In proposals in the climate agreement, quantities such as 2 billion cubic meters of green gas are mentioned for 2030; if that has to be achieved, there is still a world to win.

Sustainable industry
Green gas is mentioned as an alternative to natural gas. Emission-free is not the gas, but the emissions are about 35 percent lower than with natural gas. According to research firm De Gemeynt, green gas can play a major role in making the industry more sustainable.

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