Wiebes: ‘Large companies must stop accelerating Groningen gas’

Wiebes: ‘Large companies must stop accelerating Groningen gas’

Eric Wiebes, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, has informed companies by letter that they must stop accelerating the use of Groningen gas. In 2022 industrial large users of low calorific gas can no longer use gas from Groningen.


This is reported by the NOS, following the letter that Wiebes sent to about two hundred Dutch companies. The minister wants to speed up the use of Groningen gas, after the province recently had to deal with an earthquake.

Energy transition
“In the Netherlands, low-calorific gas is also used by households, not only by households, but also by a limited number of large industrial users,” says the minister. “In the coming period, the government wants to phase out this consumption more quickly, so that in principle no industrial large-scale consumers will still use Groningen gas by 2022 at the latest.”

Wiebes names two routes that companies can take to replace their use of Groningergas: making the energy supply more sustainable or switching to high-calorific gas. “Ideally, direct use would be made of sustainability in the context of the climate and energy transition, but if this is not possible in the short term for some reason, conversion will have to take place”, says Wiebes.

The phasing out of Gronings gas for companies will undoubtedly cost money. For the time being, it is unclear who will be responsible for the changeover. “My ministry will contact you shortly to discuss this,” Wiebes writes in the letter.

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